Hours of Operation

M-F 11am- 8pm

Saturday- Sunday noon-7:30p

We are located on the First floor of Nicholson Commons on the campus of Point Loma Nazarene University


Our Pricing System

Aquatic gear is rented on a same-day, full day, and weekend system. A same-day rental would be picked up, generally, in the morning then returned before closing on that same day. A full day rental would be picked up anytime 'today' and returned anytime before closing 'tomorrow'. And a weekend rental would generally be picked up anytime Friday or Saturday and returned by Monday at closing.

Camping, Outdoor, Sporting, & Other gear is rented on a 1 day, weekend, week system. A 1 day rental would be picked up anytime 'today' and returned anytime before closing 'tomorrow'. A weekend rental wouldbe picked up anytime Friday or Saturday and returned by Monday before closing. And a week rental would be picked up and returned on the same day of the week (ex. Friday-Friday) before closing. 

Deposits: ALL renters will be asked to pay a deposit on gear rentals upon pickup.

PLNU Students, Staff, and Faculty VS NON-PLNU renters:  

If you ARE a current student, staff, or faculty of PLNU, the price you pay upon checkout is the total cost. If you are NOT a current student, staff, or faculty of PLNU, the price list below reflects the TOTAL amount you will pay. The remaining cost not covered via online checkout will be paid upon pick up.




double kayak - 25,35,40

single kayak - 20,30,40

surf kayak - 20,30,40

PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) - 10,18,34

paddling jacket - 10,18,34

surfboard 9ft - 20,30,50

wetsuit - 14,24,40

inflatable SUP - 25,35,45

snorkel set - 6,14,24

dry bag - 4,10,15

boogie board - 10,18,34

beach chairs - 6,14,30


2 person tent - 14,24,40

4 person tent - 20,30,50

65L backpack - 14,24,40

80L backpack - 14,24,40

0 degree sleeping bags - 14,24,40

20 degree sleeping bags - 14,24,40

Sleeping pad - 6.10.20

Bear canister - 6,14,20

Cook set - 6,14,20

backpacking stove - 10,18,34

2 burner gas stove - 10,18,34

white gas & 250mL gas canister/fuel - 6

ice chest - 10,18,34

crampons - 14,24,40

ice ax - 14,24,40

snowshoes - 14,24,40

snow shovel - 14,24,40

plastic tarp - 6,14,20

trekking poles - 10,18,34

Lanterns - 6,14,20


rock climbing shoes - 10,18,34

crash pad - 14,24,40

rock climbing helmet - 10,18,34

bocce ball set - 6,14,30

spike ball set - 6,14,30

E-Z up tent shade - 16,20,34

balls,frisbees, rackets - 1

volleyball net w/ ball - 6,14,30

mountain bike - 24,40,64


PLNU Student, Staff, and Faculty Prices

**must provide PLNU ID card upon pick up**

Aquatic gear (Same-day, full day, weekend) 

double kayak - 15,20,35

single kayak - 12,20,32

surf kayak - 12,20,32

PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) - 5,9,17

paddling jacket - 5,9,17

surfboard 9ft - 12,20,32

wetsuit - 7,12,20

inflatable SUP - 15,20,35

snorkel set - 3,7,12

dry bag - 2,5,7

boogie board - 5,9,17

beach chairs - 3,7,15

Camping/outdoor Gear (1 day, weekend, week)

2 person tent - 7,12,20

4 person tent - 10,15,25

65L backpack - 7,12,20

80L backpack - 7,12,20

0 degree sleeping bags - 7,12,20

20 degree sleeping bags - 7,12,20

Sleeping pad - 3,5,10

Bear canister - 3,7,10

Cook set - 3,7,10

backpacking stove - 5,9,17

2 burner gas stove - 5,9,17

white gas & 250mL gas canister/fuel - 6

ice chest - 5,9,17

crampons - 5,9,17

ice ax - 5,9,17

snowshoes - 5,9,17

snow shovel - 5,9,17

plastic tarp - 3,7,10

trekking poles - 5,9,17

Lanterns - 3,7,10

Sporting and Other Gear (1 DAY, WEEKEND, WEEK)

rock climbing shoes - 5,9,17

crash pad - 7,12,20

rock climbing helmet - 5,9,17

bocce ball set - 3,7,15

spike ball set - 3,7,15

E-Z up tent shade - 8,10,17

balls,frisbees, rackets - 1

volleyball net w/ ball - 3,7,15

mountain bike - 12,20,32




Rental Agreement

Prices listed on this website apply to Point Loma Nazarene University faculty, staff, and students with a current ID card.  All other customers, the fees listed will only RESERVE your items.  You will pay the remainder upon pick-up. Click here for a full list of prices for other non-PLNU renters.

Rental Agreement:  You the Renter are responsible for all damages to equipment including but not limited to loss, theft, missing parts, and damages beyond wear and tear.

REPLACEMENT FEES are calculated on Full Replacement Value including shipping, tax, fees, etc.

DAMAGE FEES: Are calculated based on estimates to repair items.  Customers will be contacted after items are returned and inspected.  

IMPROPER RETURN: Items may only be returned during open hours. Returns made outside these hours may be charged a $50 improper return fee.

LATE FEE: items held longer are subject to additional fees.  Half or Full day charges will be added to based on the duration of time the items are not returned.  You agree to return the items at the agreed upon date and time.

CLEANING FEE: $10 fee per item for equipment that has not been properly cleaned and dried.  DO NOT launder or dry-clean any items.

As a Renter you assume responsibility for:

The Renter is responsible for the safe loading, unloading, and transportation of all items and damage to items or personal property including roof rack and vehicle.

The Renter assumes all responsibility for safe use of item and accepts risks including, but not limited to, risk of bodily injury, death, and/or property damage.

It is the Renters responsibility to know and follow all State, Federal, Maritime, and Local laws for  proper use of equipment

The Renter will hold Point Loma Nazarene University, the Rental Center, and/ or its associates, employees, and agents harmless of claims, causes of action, damages, injuries, costs or expenses, which may arise out of the activity related to the use of rented equipment.